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Fast Tracking the Digital Road

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Fast approaching his 5th year at Idea Science, Alex O’Donnell feels fortunate that he has grown up during what many refer to as the Digital Revolution. We spoke to Alex about his passion for a career in IT and consulting in digital transformation.

“I’ve witnessed continuously how technology has disrupted, improved and transformed our lives and industries. I have been amazed by the opportunities that a conscious use of technology, when paired with the right strategy and people, can bestow upon individuals and businesses alike. As a result, I always felt IT would be where I want to build a career.”

In his current role as a Senior Functional Consultant, Alex loves that no two days are identical. As part of Idea Science’s Technology Delivery team, he mainly focuses on the design, solution delivery, support and change management activities for projects, problems and people.

EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: Alex O’Donnell, Senior Functional Consultant, Idea Science

“I’ve been drawn to IT for a number of reasons. My particular niche in CRM/Consulting is really cool because we, as consultants, aren’t necessarily tied to a specific sector or industry. If you have interest in a particular area like Finance or Automotive you can serve clients in those spaces which keeps things fast-paced and interesting from a day-to-day perspective.”

Alex’s primary skill set is based on problem solving, communication, leadership and, critically, attention to detail. Typically, he works as the conduit between highly technical individuals and marketing or business people, who are very different audiences in terms of how they work and communicate. So, when a gap arises, he finds it highly valuable to bring awareness to these areas to ensure successful solutions are delivered.

Looking back at his career so far, Alex appreciates that his mind has expanded exponentially since he first started. The ability to work with such a variety of people at different points in their careers has allowed him to gain great perspective in the landscape of technology, consulting and personal development. “

One of the best lessons in work and life that I read many years ago was ‘Learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable’ because that is the only time you’re improving and learning.”

Outside of work, in contrast to sitting in front of a computer, Alex can be found getting his hands dirty as his biggest passion is cars. Not only does he consult for the automotive industry, but when time permits, he can be found under one spinning spanners! Naturally as a tech person who likes cars, he is also a big fan of Formula 1.

OUTSIDE OF WORK: Alex enjoying his passion of cars

Top tip for companies looking to use digital marketing in their business activities

“My biggest tip would probably be to make sure you understand why you want to use digital marketing first, and if you can’t quite explain it beyond that you know other competitors are doing it then don’t be afraid to engage experts in the field to help you strategically first.

There is a term in sport – ‘All the gear, but no idea’ which as a business owner you want to make sure is not you, and this is a big part of our value add as well. We love to partner on strategy for the long term to ensure you get what you need and know how to use it and optimise it.”

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