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cx strategy

CX Strategy

Define the optimum path to transform and achieve your CX vision

Idea Science provides the knowledge and experience to help you define your vision to achieve your objectives. Our strategy experts work hand in hand with you to understand your needs, and provide a tailored plan to optimise customer experiences and achieve your business outcomes.

Establish or refine your business vision, strategies and mission, and how they enable transformation

Vision Lab

Idea Science helps you validate your business mission, strategy, identity, and finalise key business decisions and approaches to establish your foundation plan. Our strategy experts conduct a comprehensive current state assessment to define the foundation (covering operational, business, investment and IT systems) and create a target operating model aligned to your vision.


Identify your desired customer experience via collaborative design exercises, and identify business, customer and technical needs.

Design Lab

Idea Science specialises in working with you to design customer, partner and employee experiences that align with your planned growth trajectory. We conduct detailed gap analysis to determine if existing business capabilities can support the future and if not, we evaluate gaps and help you plan for change. The designed experience is overlayed against the agreed framework prior to mapping out the foundational plan using a MVP approach to achieve time and market goals.


Identify the ideal architecture to achieve your vision. We help you design elegant and cost-effective solutions to create the CX your end-users deserve.

Architecture Lab

Idea Science can design solutions that streamline your overall landscape, data management and complexity. Our certified architects provide expert knowledge and experience to design elegant and cost-effective solutions.


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