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cx quality

CX Quality

Launch with confidence, ensure business continuity, stay ahead of the game 

Idea Science provides a complete range of test engineering services. Our testing specialists provide expert knowledge and experience, combined with the latest technology to deliver high quality customer experiences.

Leverage the power of automation to optimise your testing and launch with confidence. Idea Science provides a complete range of functional testing services across Salesforce, ServiceNow, SAP and other leading technology platforms

Functional Testing

Idea Science’s functional testing specialists ensure your applications meet business requirements and are ready for launch. Whether you’re conducting SIT, UAT, Regression, Accessibility, Exploratory, CX or Data Migration Testing, we rapidly identify and eliminate defects before your customers experience them. 

Test Automation

Idea Science helps you leverage the power of automation to deliver high quality Customer Experiences from development to production at the speed business requires. We optimise the productivity of your testing team to save time and budget while increasing quality. 

Test Management

Supercharge your testing efforts with the best practice knowledge and experience of Idea Science Test Managers. We help you create your test strategy, test plans and manage all aspects of testing to support successful project outcomes.  

Test Strategy Lab

Idea Science specialises in supporting organisations make strategic decisions regarding their testing approach and tool selection. We also provide expert advice for preparing and presenting business cases. Our specialists identify optimum solutions to meet your requirements and deliver the maximum return on your investment.

Enterprise Testing As a Service

If the cost and administrative burden of managing test tools, resources and environments is problematic, Idea Science can help. We provide a complete Testing as a Service solution with on-demand, scalable access to expert local and offshore testing resources, tools and environments. 

Functional Testing

If online performance and security is important to your business, Idea Science can help. We provide expert non-functional test engineers who help mitigate cyber risk and optimise the speed of your business-critical systems.

Performance Engineering

Experts in capacity, configuration, network and code-related performance, Idea Science’s performance engineers optimise performance for many of Australia’s highest volume websites. Leveraging the latest tools and techniques, we optimise performance in enterprise systems including Salesforce, ServiceNow, SAP and Oracle.

Security Penetration Testing

Idea Science takes security seriously. Our application security specialists can protect the privacy of your customers, ensure compliance to global security standards and reduce risk. We improve your organisations security posture and provide confidence that your web applications are secure.

Non-Functional Testing

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