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Idea Science is a collective of CX experts, with experienced technical specialists. We are leaders in our field and extremely proud of the work we deliver to help our clients create better experiences, increase conversion rates and improve business performance.

As part of a global Salesforce implementation, regression testing was adversely impacting delivery. Each release required the execution of over 500 test cases which took 10 days to complete manually. The testing backlog was growing each month, with pressure building on the team. The business needed a way to reduce the effort, time and cost associated with testing, while maintaining high levels of quality.  

Crush the burden of manual testing

  • Idea Science ‘best fit’ automated tool selection matched to technology requirements and internal team capability

  • Scriptless, cross platform test automation solution implemented to optimise testing

  • Ability to run automation against mobile devices – including iOS and Android

  • Replaced 10 day manual test cycle to 4 hour automated – enabling faster development and time to market

95% reduction in time required to complete testing 

90% reduction in cost to achieve required functional test coverage

10x improvement in CX quality

Business Outcome


Poorly qualified leads were being chased manually when customers were not yet ready to discuss a purchase. The result often produced a poor customer experience, where the prospective buyers felt they were being sold to without personalised context. The business needed a targeted solution to increase customer desire and deliver qualified leads to the dealer at the optimum time to increase conversion rates. 

Automatically convert warm leads to hot!

  • Idea Science Marketing Automation Health Check to identify areas for best practice optimisation

  • Implementation of best practice marketing automation and lead nurture techniques to optimise sales efficiency and increase customer satisfaction

  • Creation of purpose definitions with clear actions including digital communication with warm leads to automatically convert them to hot leads

  • Optimisation of journey length to encourage customer research and match the buying cycle

40% increase in the conversion of warm to hot leads

20% increase in qualified customers

11% increase in monthly sales

Business Outcome


In order to reduce complexity, cost, effort duplication and inflexible technology processes, a single CRM solution was required which could be tailored for different geographies. The system needed to be globally centralised with continuous delivery and agility being driving priorities. Business and IT stakeholders needed to innovate and introduce change quickly, while also maintaining high customer service and engagement levels.  

Deliver a complex global Salesforce implementation across a distributed network

  • Idea Science scalable Salesforce solution leveraging a single instance, with a business logic layer to apply or remove logic from each business entity. 

  • Creation of centralised demand and supply processes, enabling agility and continuous improvement to support business priorities and market demands. 

  • Implementation of an Idea Science led product delivery approach, for internal technologies to deliver robust and customer centric Salesforce solutions

Successful implementation of a global Salesforce delivery program, providing a centralised solution to over 30 business units in Europe, APAC and the Americas.

15 new features released per month over 18 months

30% efficiency gains achieved across key processes

Business Outcome


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