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Celebrating the Women of Idea Science

What does bias look like in our daily lives? In our workplaces? In our interactions online?

How does bias affect your co-workers, partners, or your friend’s life?

Are we aware of our biases and do we actively try to change them - or at the very least, acknowledge them or try to understand them?

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is #breakthebias which calls on the world to come together to work towards a world free from stereotypes and discrimination that is inclusive, diverse and equitable.

Idea Science actively works to break the bias and this can be seen in our Leadership. Societies are sculpted by leaders and those who surround them and with a diverse and experienced set of female leaders we aim to provide a challenging and rewarding workplace that rewards successes based on merits rather than the gender that someone identified as.

In an industry where women are often severely underrepresented, we are proud that 75% of our practice heads are talented women and that a significant portion of our workforce is made up of women who are team leaders, marketers, strategists, developers and consultants.

Women are critical to Idea Science’s success. They lead our teams, design solutions, manage relationship, drive thought leadership, and transform organisations. At every point in our great organisation, all these women are visionaries, innovators, mentors and leaders.

While we recognise the achievements of women and are inspired by the various women around us, we know we have not yet reached our goal. We are already seeing big shifts in behaviours and workplaces so let’s continue to challenge our thinking, check our words and together we can #breakthebias!

What better way to commemorate this day than hearing from our Idea Scientists about when they first saw themselves as leaders who were breaking the bias.

Christina Kas - Managing Consultant

Without realising, I've built a career wearing many hats in the tech space for the last 2 decades - I only began to see myself as a leader when I first became a people manager and noticed it becoming trusted advisors for clients or a shoulder to cry on for colleagues, being sought for advice, encouragement or 'real talk' had been happening throughout my career however much of a 'green bean' I was.

I believe in having open and honest communication, empathy, listening to other perspectives and opinions and most of all taking care of your team-mates whether they are your immediate team or a blended team of fellow partners and clients working through a program of work.

Leadership doesn't happen overnight and I wouldn't say I always feel like a leader - I definitely have my moments of doubt - but I try to be consistent, supportive and open; that seems to help me through guiding clients and teams on their tech journey.

Giorgia Barber - Office and Admin Manager

I first took on a leadership role whilst studying for my Masters back in Italy. I learnt to prioritise my personal workload whilst supporting peers who were also studying at the time. I subsequently developed my leadership skills further whilst working as an account manager in Canada and juggling a dynamic workload in a diverse team environment. Moving to Sydney and starting a family has also led to the development of a different leadership skill set as I’ve had to project manage a wedding, major home renovations and the day to day of raising a young family in addition to beginning a new professional career.

Each of these required me to draw on different aspects of my skillset to confidently and clearly lead consultants, tradespeople and/or family members with shifting priorities.

Happy 2022 International Women’s Day!


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