Test Automation Services

Are you trying to innovate quickly while maintaining high levels of quality?

A common challenge across our customers is balancing the ability to innovate and deliver new features quickly, while also minimising the risk of impacts across complex and integrated technology landscapes. 

Our business process focused testing approach with TOSCA, can help you build automated tests that test both component features in depth, and end to end processes across different technology solutions. 

How can we help you?

By understanding your business, our Tosca certified consultants can ensure your testing ROI goals are achieved and there is clear measurement of your test and risk coverage. 


Through our partnership with Tricentis, we specialise in automation using Tosca. As a no code test automation platform, it does not rely on writing code to test code. This opens up testing to a broader range of professionals, not just those with specialist test scripting skills. 


As a Salesforce partner, we understand how integrated solutions are and the need to test across Salesforce clouds and platforms. With data privacy regulations tightening, ensuring customer facing processes and information is correct is more important than ever. 


By understanding your business processes, we are able to define a structure of testing blocks that can test individual features in depth, but can also be used to build an end to end process. Being able to incorporate new features into end to end processes quickly ensure confidence across the full flow of data, not just the new feature.  


By setting up a structure focused on business processes and reusable testing blocks, automation can occur hand in hand with development. This reduces the need to involve manual testing as a first step and then automating later, saving time and money. 

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