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Our range of products for Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud will empower your Administrators reducing the reliance on code, test, deploy cycles to adjust key functional drivers.

Automotive Template

Having worked within the Automotive industry for over 10 years, we understand what is needed to successfully structure Salesforce CRM for the automotive industry that can support the automotive distribution and retail business models.

Deliver Value Quickly

Our template caters for automotive processes such as vehicle marketing & sales, servicing, policy management, case management and vehicle ownership. It allows you to get up and running quickly with a Salesforce CRM solution tailored to your automotive organisation. 

Focus On What Is Important!

Leveraging our knowledge of the automotive industry and Salesforce CRM, you can focus on what is important in your business or project, and not the position of each field on a screen! Our template has learnings on usability and convenience already included.

Integration Framework

Our integration framework provides a mechanism for our customers to focus on their business. We make sure the technology is ready by enabling traceability and repeatability while keeping business logic within Salesforce.

Maintain Data Quality and Integrity

Top of mind for us is a smooth operation, so troubleshooting is easy, which helps maintain data quality, especially when the order of processing is important. By keeping a copy of the data that was submitted from external systems, it is easy to trace through and see what was provided, along with what transformation occured. 

Easily Re-process Errors

Our framework provides the ability to update and retrigger any message that has been received, making it easy to fix and manage errors. Some integration flows are not easy to retrigger from the source, meaning data could be lost. Being able to identify and then handle errors is a key element of any integration flow. 

Write Logic Once

By having a framework to easily handle business logic and transformation rules, the logic can be written once in Salesforce and used by all external parties using that flow. This ensures the logic is always run the same and removes the need for multiple external parties to build the same processing in their messages.

Data Matching Framework

We know one customer can have many leads and systems should support this business construct!  When handling customer information, there are many sources from which details can be obtained. Our data matching framework allows for records received via integration to be matched to existing records in Salesforce. Run your sales like you want, instead of how things are out of the box.

Reduce Duplicate Records

Our data matching framework ensures data quality is maintained and duplicates are reduced. This promotes a single view of the customer to support engagement and activity tracking, and aids CRM data and reports to be usable and manageable. 

Configurable Rules

We give you the power to configure rules managed from the UI by Salesforce Administrators. It is easy to see what is configured, but also adjust as needed without the need to interpret code or wait for a development, test and release cycle for changes to be implemented. 

Data Anonymisation Framework

With privacy rules around customer data management becoming more restricted, the need to be able to ensure customer details are protected from unintended access is growing.

Protect Sensitive Data

Our data anonymisation framework provides a mechanism to define rules for objects and fields to anonymise data which is particularly useful in test environments. Data such as email addresses, phone numbers etc can be protected when refreshing data across environments.