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Lead Nurture ROI Calculator

Have you ever wondered how much return can be gained from nurturing leads, continually engaging with your customer base, or casting a wider net?

If so, use our calculator below to determine what benefits you can achieve by focusing on Cold and Warm Leads to create more Hot Leads and more SALES!

Current Position

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Cold Leads per Month 25%
Warm Leads per Month 71.4%
Hot Leads per Month 3.6%
Total 1400

What do these mean?

Current Lead to Sale Conversion Rate %
Average Revenue Per Sale $
Average Profit Per Sale $


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Increase in Lead Capture Volume %

Movement from Lead Nurture:
Cold to Warm %
Warm to Hot %

What do these mean?

Annual Results

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Upward Arrow Increase in Profit


Upward Arrow Increase in Revenue


Upward Arrow Extra Sales


What is a Cold, Warm and Hot Lead?

Not every customer that contacts you is ready to buy – unfortunately. Our classification of leads into Cold, Warm and Hot, is a simple and useful way to understand and manage our lead funnel.

The goal is to move leads from cold, to warm, to hot……and ultimately to a sale!


“I’m just browsing”

Lead score rating range is typically between 
0% and 30%


“I’d like more information”

Lead score rating range is typically between
30% and 80%


“I’m interested and ready to buy”

Lead score rating range is typically between 
80% and 100%