About Us

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself


Founded in 2008, Idea Science is a passionate and diverse team that establishes long running and intimate partnerships with our global customers. Based in Sydney and Adelaide, with hundreds of years of combined experience, we continue to deliver solutions to customers across 16 countries, in 4 continents. 

While we have specialised in customer focused business applications (typically CRM and marketing automation), we don’t limit our work to that. We offer a wider range of services and we work with our customers to provide what is required to ensure business success. 

Meet the Idea Scientists

At Idea Science, we strongly believe that the quality of our people and their work is the most important factor in the success of our customers. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, maintaining a strategic advantage requires an exceptional team, with innovative ideas for providing unsurpassed service. 

Our experience, passion and curiosity distinguishes us as a leader in the industry.

Alex O’Donnell
Alexandra Drum
Andrew Stewart
Anu Mehrotra
Arran McMillan
Bronwen Edwards
Craig Jackson
Dave Melgaard
David Barros
Edel Power
Georg Fischer
Gustavo Otto
Husaam Maudarbocus
Iain Mason
Liam Dyer-Steel
Lisa Mena
Lodovico de Briganti
Louise Greig
Marcus Curran
Marta Swiatek
Mat Hannan
Matthew Clarke
Matthew Wishart
Misha Pavlov
Nathan Fragar
Neethu Rejith
Peter Drum
Richard Skender
Saajid Maaraf
Sascha Hillebrand
Shane Swift
Thomas Drum
Valerie Maguire
Will Dinn

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